Is there risk to be attacked by catfish when you swim in freshwater lake or river?

Used to swim especially far years ago


Only a test bite then it will swim off


If you are skinny-dipping and swimming along the bottom, one might bite at the "lure" but that's a small problem.


Catfish don't attack you. Who ever told you that was pulling your leg.

retired old sarge

only if your weenie drags he bottom cause catfish likes to eat weenies..


Dispite claims to the opposite Cat fish can and do give serious bites if disturbed or scared. They do not how ever just attack unless they are in Danger!


You might consider additional catfish insurance.


Catfish will not attack.


The larger catfish are known to mouth an entire hand of fishers who then pull their 'catch' out. Feet too might get a mouthy fish that's going to be hard to take in stride. You need to be dead and rotten before catfish tear you into swallow chunks.


Never heard of such a thing.