How difficult is it to kill a deer with a .357 PCP hunting air gun?



In general, the large bore PCP air rifles have the same range as archery does, so if you're an accomplished archery hunter, meaning you can get whitetail to come within 50 yards of you, then you shouldn't have any trouble. Make sure your state laws allow for PCP air rifles and what limitations they place on them. Not all PCP are created equal.


Louis and Clark had a air rifle with them. It was able to fire multiple shots very fast. It was the gun that scared the Indians the most as it was very quiet and very deadly and fired very fast. They thought ALL of the guns Louis and Clark were like that one and it is felt by historians that it was one of the reasons they were not attacked. They hunted with it as it saved on powder. Modern air rifles designed for hunting would be just as deadly. But like with any rifle, you have to hit the right spot to drop the animal. I would expect if you hit it in the lungs or heart, it would die.

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A: it is illegal to use for deer. And all you would really do is make the deer run off. You are showing us how stupid you are!

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It wont drop a deer. It is probably against the law to try it.


Air guns are not allowed for big game in nearly every state. Although they do make some very expensive high power air guns - using them for hunting is restricted to hunting ranch raised animals.


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