Im not up on the newer .22WMR rifle ammo, what works in your .22 mag?

Yes I know you have to find what works for your gun but what new .22WMR ammo have you been impressed for any rifle? I have a bolt action marlin .22mag and want to try some new ammo thats out there.


new there aint nothing new in 22wmr. CCI 32gr tnt are fantastic in my bolt heavy barrel for gophers an chucks. CCI 40gr coons,cats,yotes.


There's really not all that much out there .. what's going to make the most difference is just finding the bullet weight that works best for the ranges you're shooting at ..


I use CCI-TNT and it works for me. Just leave well enough alone.


You have to buy several brands and give them a try to see which one works better in your gun. Winchester and Federal are both top brands to start with. CBI's may work ok in your gun they are thin jacket bullets and in guns with a magazine they some times jam because they dis form under the spring pressure.