Why do level 7 move questions and then delete them?

its over whelmingly liberals doing it, maybe a few republucans. but it hurts decent people like me when you do this. sometimes I will agree with a democrat and sometimes I agree with republican. so why do they hurt peoples lives? it really is a real hurtful and helpless thing to do. abracus, do you see what im talking boput? is being nasty to other humans a good thing? I bet you hit your dog while nobody looks. @ the . how do you delete posts when not level 7 @ the angel- I don't know 100 percent, but its when the democrats are on the board. take it seriously. aT@peral, I love your dog. big dogs are great. ill never be a level seven, so I was curious. but this place is on verge of bk.

Pearl L

not all of us on level 7 do that, i dont


anyone, ie, any level can report a questtion or nanswer and get it deleted, but only Level 7s can move them


level 7 never deletes questions. level 7 only moves questions to another category

Dogstar Ascendant

Please share your research into the distribution of the political association of question movers, who are admittedly scum, and I'll start taking you seriously.

Atheist Dude

Because they are trollish retards.


Where did you learn English, kid? It's horrible.