Any advice for a first-time runner?

I've joined a running club, it starts tomorrow and I'm anxious about it. I've attempted to run before but couldn't get more than a few meters before it felt like my chest and throat were on fire - it may in part be due to it being so cold. I'd not say I'm unfit and I've had heart/lungs checked out by a specialist, but I find any form of cardio very difficult - I used to go to the gym but my focus was always on lifting weights, even then if I pushed too much I'd be incredibly uncomfortable (I think it's because I'm Autistic so possibly sensory). I'm concerned I'm not going to be able to manage, even though it's a beginners running group I worry my stamina isn't going to improve. Also stressing because I've got to dress warm enough to get to/from the running group, but if I get too hot while running it's going to be an issue.


You might simply be running too hard. What you describe is what might happen to someone who tries to sprint further than it is possible to sprint. It could also be cold related. Some people have cold induced asthma. You should ask your family doctor about that possibility. I suggest starting easy, with a gradual increase in effort. Try the Noakes beginner's program. You start out walking 20 minutes every other day for 2 weeks. In the 3rd week, you walk on consecutive days. You gradually change walking to running. There's a copy of a 10 kilometer, 24 week version of the program near the bottom of the page at . You should try to talk other beginners in your running club to try it. Noakes designed this program based on studies that show an increased probability of injury among beginners in the first 13 weeks of running.