How fast do you need to be in the 800m or 1500m/mile to get a shoe contract?

I’m currently a junior in college and looking to go to medical or dental school. I’m likely going to take a couple gap years after graduating and am thinking about trying to get some sort of contract for running. My best event is the 800m, I ran 1:51.1 as a sophomore and was consistently around 1:52 flat. I had a good XC season this year (25:45 8k) so I might also be moving up to the mile/1500. How much faster would I need to get to sign a 1 or 2 year contract?

Adam D

If you find yourself running one of the top 50 or so times in the country you would probably get the attention of some companies. Alternatively, win a big race, one of the invitationals that is large enough to be broadcast on TV. If you find yourself running a 1:48, you're starting to knock on the door of professional running.