Is it normal for your legs to feel sore after jogging for a long time?

I haven't exercised in a long long time. And I just go back into the habit. I jogged on my treadmill for 30 minutes yesterday, and today, my legs are sore like hell. It was the first time I've jog in like 3 years. Is the sore legs normal? Will the pain stop once I get used to jogging?


Yes, it's quite normal to have sore legs if you aren't used to running. Back off and go maybe 20 mins, and alternate run/walk intervals until you build up some stamina. Also, make sure you warm up first, and cool down/stretch afterward. Soaking in a hot bathtub with some Epsom salt in the water can also help you feel better. Stay well hydrated as well. Anyone jumping into exercise after being away from it for a long time, or not ever doing it before, is bound to feel some soreness afterward. That's your body's way of telling you it's not used to that activity. If you're mildly sore you're fine. If you are in agony, skip working out until it's not so painful. Also, don't push too hard. Let your body adjust to the activity.


Yes. It's probably stiff muscles. It's normal when you work the muscles a lot more than they are used to. It's common in new athletes who start out by doing hard workouts. One example is new athletes joining a competitive program, such as high school track. Because the coach has a limited time to get the runners into condition, the coach doesn't put the runners on a beginners' program that avoids stiffness, but would take longer to get the kids up to speed. There is a serious disadvantage to a program that starts with hard workouts: It increases the risk of injury. If you switch to a beginners' program, you will be safer. You can avoid making your stiffness worse. I recommend the beginners' program from Dr. Tim Noakes. He designed it to reduce risk of injury in new runners. A copy of the couch potato to 10K version of the program is near the bottom of .