What can I do to run faster?



Strength train, focusing on core and hamstrings, as well as the rest of the body. Fuel yourself properly so your body will have the necessary energy it needs. You can also look up articles online on how to run faster, to see what kinds of exercises and running drills are recommended. The article below has a few tips to get you started


Train a lot during the off season, and run everyday and excercise


Lose weight by working out at the gym doing leg exercises on machines that work out the leg muscles


Running hills is a great way to improve your endurance and leg muscles. Not to mention you can burn even more calories when hills are involved! If you train uphill, you'll come to find that running on flat land will be a piece of cake.


practice , practice, practice!


Join a running club, go to a gym, put in the effort and youre bound to be rewarded


Exercise more


Lose weight Do run training everyday Get stronger Eat proteins