Cross country training on a treadmill?

so i live in upstate new york and it is really cold during the winter. it is too uncomfortable to run outside in these temperatures. i took a year off of cross country, but i want to run next year in the upcoming season. i thought i should get training during the winter to get into shape, then start getting a bit more serious about times when i am able to run outside again. i was planning on training inside on a treadmill. i know treadmills are completely different from running outside, but its better than nothing, right?


Running on a motorized treadmill is similar to running outdoors. Motorized treadmills are a great alternative to running outdoors. For a given speed, treadmill running is a little easier than outdoor running. For this reason, treadmill runners will compensate by raising the treadmill to a grade 2% steeper. The display provides continuous feedback to help the runner stay on target throughout the workout. Even so, I prefer running outdoors, as long as it is safe. I can dress for the cold, even 15 degrees below zero (F) cold. But, something like freezing rain, which leaves ice on surfaces, will keep me indoors.