How do you swim??

Swimming lessons aren’t an option I can do what I call “the doggy paddle” I can’t swim farther then 15-20 feet I get exhausted from kicked my legs then I start to sink I can float on my back which is what I do when I get tired but I wanna swim with ease like other people I also find it impossible to tread water I sink like a brick I’m not over weight I’m actually fit and healthy my brothers and sister learned to swim without lessons my father through them into a lake and they instinctively swam he threw me in. Lake and I started to drown my mom had to jump in and save me ever since that I only swim in man made pools I won’t go near the sea a lake or a river


youtube. look for beginner videos. specifically on freestyle. don’t learn the other strokes until you got free style down because they will confuse you.

curious cat

Like a fish. You were adopted