Embarrassed myself at tryouts, I did so so so bad because I literally missed every hit, I feel so sad and miserable?

So today I went to tryouts with barely any experience. I did so so bad, I'm not even exaggerating. Everyone kept asking me if this was my first time playing ever because of how bad I did lol. I was really confident and thought that I could just wing the tryouts but I was wrong. I feel really sad and idk what to do? Also all other other people were professionals and have been playing for years. I knew that I shouldn't have tried out since I didn't really have any experience, but I still wanted to give it a shot and now I regret it. Tryouts are happening again in the next 3 days and I'm definitely not going, I just feel so embarrass and stupid. I should have actually taken at least a few tennis lessons before but I didn't think I would do that bad. I also think I did bad because I was getting so much anxiety and couldn't really concentrate because of it. I was literally shaking and was so scared idk why. I just wish I gave my best shot but I know I didn't.

K S Lall: Follow my example

Follow my example: the only people whose opinions are important to me are those people who pay my rent, make my car payment, and pay my grocery bill. Everyone else can go take a long walk off a short pier.

Oh boy

If it is something that you want to do. Try out again.