How do you get tickets to see a specific tennis player play?

I really want to see Serena Williams play. Is it possible to get tennis tickets to see a specific player play or is it kind of the luck of the draw? Where is the best place to buy tickets?

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Depends on the tournament. For an indoor event they use one court; you buy a ticket for that day and you can see her (order of play will be posted). Outdoor events may use multiple courts. Given that Serena Williams is very much a marquee player, she would most likely be featured on the main court so you'd want to buy tickets for the main court. The challenge is that beyond the first round if she loses then she's done so buying, say, tickets to the Final 3-4 weeks out is a lottery if she loses early. Again, early round tickets you buy are for the session/day (order of play will be posted). The challenge then becomes rain.