Why do so many tennis players have tanned skin?

I am a big tennis fan - I’ve been following the tennis for nearly my entire life, and every year I attend the Australian Open. I’ve noticed that the majority of (white) tennis players seem to be very tanned, or they tan extremely easily. They have a beautiful, golden glow to their skin and they never seem to burn or go red! Why is this? I’ll be in the sun for just five minutes and I’ll basically burn bright red, whereas these tennis stars can play a three hour game and simply keep their golden, flawless skin! It’s so unfair!


because they are outside all the time playing tennis in the sun


Tennis players have tanned skin because they play in the sunshine and are sweating all the way through the whole match.


Because they're outside all the time playing tennis and have been doing so for most of their lives so their skin has become used to the sun. And they probably use sun tan creams as well, although sheer perspiration in the sun can act as a good sun screen as well.


because tennis is played outside????

baseball is life

cuz they outside


Because they are out playing tennis in the sun


because tennis is played outside???????


As from their childhood they were trained in all conditions and seasons both day and night. Playing and practicing under the sun for some many hours over so many years could have led them to tanned skin.

Dr sean mulligan



well, thats because theyre outside......




Because they practise more.


Because they can afford to go on lavish holidays in the sun. Besides, some of it is probably fake...


They are not wimps.


Cuz only gays play sports that aren’t football