Can i stop playing volleyball for a couple of years because i don't really have fun in my current team?

Hii so I play volleyball right now(16 years old) i have been playing for a couple of months and technically i just go to trainings but i don't play in actual games. My team isn't really the best and as much as i love the game i seem to be never motivated to go to training. Can i just stop training volleyball and start going to the gym rather and start playing volleyball again when i go to college? (so around 19 years old) ps i don't live in the usa


The downfall of not playing with a team is that the skills you should be learning and building instincts with playing for and with a team will be next to nothing. If you go to a gym, all you are building is maybe endurance and muscle tone. Otherwise you are not going to have instinct and camaraderie as well as sportsmanship/team skills. You could be one of the better players currently, but if you don't practice with a team or garner any experience or camaraderie with a team you may not make the college team. The only way to supplement that is to find teams outside of your school (if you don't like your team) and play for a league or intramural team. Realize that a team is in it for the best and the worst of times. Win or lose, you will have to deal with it as well as the team. Even professional sports, there always has to be a losing team for a wining team to be able to succeed. Just need to learn to let go of that and learn to be a team.