Advice for coaching a 10 year old volleyball team?

This is my first year coaching and I have two teams. One I am an assistant and the other im head coach. We haven't had many practices and now we are on Christmas break and dont have practice till the second week on jan and we have a tourney that weekend. I love my job and the girls and I dont want to fail them but they play in a 12s league so im a little worried. I am looking for any advice on coaching this age group, maybe a few pointers, also rotation advice.

Kent L

Don't be too worried if your kids aren't able to use 3 hits - emphasize getting to the ball to play it but 3 is maximum number of hits per side. Most teams this age have a 3-serve rule, meaning that the maximum number of serves any player can have is 3 in a term of service so put your best server in first serving position which means right front if you are receiving serve first, and right back if you are serving first. The key is get your serves in, and return the opponents' serves so encourage each server to get their first serve in because you can't score on 2nd or 3rd serve unless that first one is in the court.


The volleyball team has been around for 10 years? Impressive.