I m score keepin an amature volleyball game, but I don t really know the rules. Can anyone explain the basic things I need to know?



There are 3 basic ways to score... -A team sends the ball over the net and it lands in bounds (They score a point) -A team sends the ball over the net and it lands out of bounds (Their opponents score a point) -A team touches the ball, then fails to send it over the net (Their opponents score a point) These infractions of the rules also give points to the opposite team... -Hitting the ball more than 3 times before sending it over -The same person hitting the ball twice in a row -Crossing over the center line -Touching the net The first team to 25 wins the set (must win by 2 points) If there are referees, you shouldn't have to worry too much, as they will always point to the side that won the point (plus, the team that won the previous point will always serve next). If you are in charge of the entire game, then I would suggest googling the full rules. Good luck.