If you being from the Right Politically, were boating in the sea, and you came across a Liberal treading water. Yes You Know, wearing an?

Obama t-shirt and Hillary 2016 hat, would you save them or leave them?


I see you have a bunch of idiots answering your question!. But anyway I would have no problem saving anyone in the water.


Since most cuntservatives wouldn't be able to read the Tee Shirt, who knows?

Free At Last

Of course the Republicans would let the Democrats drown. They've taught each other to de-humanize Democrats, much like how Hitler taught his own nazi followers to de-humanize Jews.


I wouldn't p!ss on a Trump supporter if they were on fire and I was a Russian hooker.


I'd ask "Are you ok there?" and if they said no, I'd then ask "did you vote leave or remain...think carefully about your answer"..

truth seeker

most are fake Christians, so must would let another human being die.