Are group ice skating lessons worth it?

I’m an 18 y/o beginner. I can either get adult group lessons or private one on one tuition. I tend to get pushed to the back in group situations (I know this from 13 years of classroom education lol) and I feel like I struggle more with ice skating than the average person as I have 0 sense of balance and coordination, so would probably need more attention. However, private tuition is obviously a LOT more expensive and I am sort of broke. One private lesson would be around £40-50 whereas group lessons for a MONTH would be £72.


I recommend you start with group lessons for now. One because it’s cheaper and two because unlike school classrooms, group lessons will usually have 1/3 of a school classroom size. So everyone should get the decent amount of attention. I also recommend you start with groups because it’s better to start with that (until you go to Baisc 3 since I’m pretty sure you’ll know by then if you want to continue definitely or not) so just in case you don’t want to do it anymore for whatever reason, at least your fortune spending for private, top notch apparel and even skates didn’t go to waste. As I said, when you’re in Basic 3, you should know by then if you want to go on with figure skakting and that’s the level where I think it’s best to look for coaches for privates. I hope I helped and don’t forget to practice skating and more importantly, have fun! :)


Adults learn at a different pace and adult group classes should always be geared towards each adults ability. With a kids class they learn the same thing at the same time and practice it together. Adults don’t learn like that. There may be a handful of adults working on a skill a bit more advanced while there’s new students working on swizzles. Adults reguire more practice time than straight on instruction time. Go and watch the class and see how it’s sorted out. If everyone has to learn the same thing at the same time then that class isn’t for you. If everyone is scattered out learning different things then it’s perfect.


Teach yourself,its far easier than you think...its all about balance