I m going ice skating and I weigh 320 and I m 5 6 I feel like I would break the skates do you think I should skate?



Ice skates are extremely sturdy- heck even the boot can hurt your knuckles if you punch it. I really doubt you’ll break them. Don’t let side or weight stop you from having fun on the ice. If you want to skate, go for it!


Do you know how to ice skate?


Go have fun and enjoy yourself there is no way you could break the skates I’m in the 200s and enjoy myself with everything rollerblading horse riding skying snowboarding I tried ice skating but fell and cut myself (never again) but aside from that NEVER live in fear because of your weight or looks be you for you and be happy 😊


I don't know about the skates but I would be worried about your ankles.


Don't let me stop you. Don't make me watch either.

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You do what you want. We dont give a rat's @ss.