As a 25 year old adult male beginner, what would you recommend for learning to Ice Skate?

I recently went to Millennium Park and went ice skating and I was absolutely hooked. About 10 minutes away is an all seasons indoor ice rink that I looked up. They take private lessons as well as group lessons. However, basics 1-6 is only for ages 6-15. The only other class is the teen/adult class for 16-99. Pre Skate and all of the free skate classes, however, are 6-99 years. For learning the foundations in basics 1-6 i was thinking of just getting private lessons to begin with, and once those skills are learned to go on to the free skate classes soon after. One other thing I am worried about, though, is once I do learn the skills in free skate, if I would be the only person over the age of 15 there, and quite possibly the only male. I am not sure if I would be all too comfortable with taking a class with 10 other girls that are between the ages of 8-13 and then me being the only 25 year old guy in the class. I would eventually like to compete down the road in an event appropriate for me, so I consider this a serious hobby that I am going to pursue in 2019 and beyond. So all in all, what would you recommend for a 25 year old guy learning to ice skate that wants to pick this up as a full time serious hobby?


Weren't you 18 the other day?




I'd suggest you do the teen/adult class, to learn the very basics. You can also get the "lay of the land" at the rink, and see if there are other adults in the other classes the rink offers. If there are, you'd most likely feel comfortable taking those classes. If there are not, you're completely welcome to jump right into private lessons - in fact, you can do that whenever you'd like, even doing that instead of taking the teen/adult class, if you'd prefer. I jumped right into private lessons. I never took a group class. There wasn't one offered for adults where I decided to start skating. But if there is one offered, and there are adults in it, it's a cheaper way to learn the very basics.


If you’re a real person and not a troll then I recommend you look for a program that offers lessons based on the ISI program, not the USFSA program. ISI is for the recreational through competitive skater. We see skaters in their 80’s competing at local, national and World events. They also offer more adult learn to skate programs

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Most rinks offer an adult only class for basic skills so I recommend you look into that :). I recommend you start off with group lessons first then private lessons after you at least passed Basic 3. This is because by then, you’ll be starting to learn harder elements and everyone learns in a different pace. I assure you won’t be the only adult practicing nor adult man. In my rink, there’s a pretty good group of adults and I’ll see two middle age men practice with me in a Freestyle session. Have fun skating! :)