Which skates should I get? Jackson Mystique, Artiste or Classique?

So I’ve been skating for about a month doing lessons now - however I did also take lessons when I was younger too - I am at UK level 5 and upwards. However, I am improving quite quickly, not to sound like I’m trying to brag, but it’s probably because I’m just picking up from where I left of. I do already have some skates, however they aren’t supportive at all and I need some new ones. Obviously, I want to try them on in person, because I need to get them fitted properly, but at my rink, the three pairs I’ve been looking at, are the Jackson Classique, Artiste and Mystiques. Since I’m improving quickly, I want to get some that will last me into higher levels. Which ones do you suggest? And depending on which pair I got, how quickly would they need to be replaced? I’m currently size 6-6 1/2, and 13 years old. And help would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!


They’re all really good and there’s not really a which is better type of thing as each feet worn on each type is different. I would talk to the guy in your pro shop along with your coach to find which brand would be best for you


It's pretty much impossible for us to suggest which model might be best for you, or even whether or not Jackson will work of you at all, because we can't see your feet, how you stand in skates, we don't know how much you weigh, etc. But if you go to a good skate pro who knows how to fit figure skates, they'll be able to suggest the right model for you.