Figure skating test session?

What happens if during the program portion of my skating test I do an element that’s above my test level? Will I fail on the spot? Will they just ignore it? I’m testing freestyle 2 and can only do half jumps. When I push into my half flip I lose track and do my salchow instead, which is a test level higher. I’m afraid I’ll be so nervous that I’ll not pay attention and mess up.


I don’t think you’ll fail. You’ll probably get a deduction though. Just calm down. You know your program. Take deep breaths and you can do this! 👍


You most likely won't fail on the spot. The judges will not ignore it, though- you'll get major points off of your element scores. When you do your half flip, focus on your half flip and that jump only. Think about that and disregard the salchow altogether for the time being. You just have to not let your nerves get the best of you and you'll do great!