Which ice skating is better in nyc?

Thinking about planning a group to go ice skating, not sure which whether it’s Central Park ice skating or Bryant Park ice skating. Both sound great, but which is better?


Wollman Rink in Central Park is the nicest in terms of size, view, and ambience. That being said, Bryant Park is free, but you have to rent skates if you dont bring your own, and is very crowded, but has the nice little Winter Village to window shop in when you're done. I dont know about your politics and if that influences where you spend your money, but fyi Wollman Rink is a Trump owned enterprise. I go to Prospect Park in Brooklyn on weekdays and choose Bryant Park on weekends because my family and I all have our own skates and save considerably due to their free admission policy, even though its crowded and there are often groups of people (Teens/20's from Uptown) skating very aggressively in a manner that sometimes is downright hazardous for absolute beginners. Mind you, its their skating that is aggressive, not their attitude, so you dont have to worry about altercations.


Rockefeller Plaza!




central park