Do U believe Cohen or Trump?



Mueller corroborated Cohen's amended testimony so I believe Cohen. Even Fox admits that trump is a compulsive liar.

Chris Ancor

Trump could skate faster.


Take all the facts of Trump and hold them palm up in your right hand. Then put Cohen facts into upturned left palm. Which equals the worst threat to this continent since General Arnold decided to sell us patriots to King George. Would you like George Washington happy or unhappy with you today?


What does this have to do with Ice Skating??




Cohen since Trumps has told too many lies in the past


Cohen is talking from a position of infallibility...he has nothing to lose. Trump is a compulsive liar. Who would YOU believe?


I wouldn't believe it was DAYLIGHT, if TRUMP invited me to LUNCH!! As a HUMAN BEING, Trump is no BETTER than a VIRULENT DISEASE! It's called "BEING A RACIST BIGOT" By the way, - WHY is this question in the "ICE SKATING" section?


#45 and NO ONE ELSE. Why would he LIE?


Lenard cohen


Can't I believe neither one? Because from everything I've seen, both of them are lying pieces of sh*t. Each would sell his own mom to a whorehouse if it would save his sorry @ss. If I had my druthers, neither one of them would ever be left alone in a room with even my lunch money much less my country.