How are you guys in this section?

Hello so this is random but I used to be so active in this section when I was in grade 8 but now i’m back and it’s crazy how time passes since i’m in college now. anyways i was wondering how you guys are, doesn’t seem like there’s many but i just remember there being K and my4 don’t know if they are still here By the way it’s Iceskaterforlife, don’t know if it rings a bell but i was really annoying sorry. I’ve accomplished a lot in skating and still continuing, what about you guys? Happy holidays! also happy new year :)


Nope, not me. I'm too old to remember odd children.


Still occasionally around. some days I forget this place exists.


I think I still see K here sometimes, but I'm not sure when I last did. Happy holidays!


I’m still here once in a while, usually while I’m waiting to pick up one of my kids. Still skating 40 years later and this is my 23rd-ish year coaching at the same club

Da Figure Sk8ing Queen: Happy holidays to you too! I’m doing fine

Happy holidays to you too! I’m doing fine :o.