My knee hurts after sit spins?

When I do sit spins for figure skating, my knee cap hurts a day or two afterwards. Is it normal or am I doing something wrong?


No... not really. If you’re new to sit spins, I guess the sorenes makes sense considering you’re not used to it. If that’s the case, I suggest you do some 20 and gradually increase seconds on wall sits at home. But if this has been happening for a lot while, I’d tell your coach.


Are you new to sit spins? The muscle around your knee might not be strong enough yet to support a sit spin if you’re new to them. If you’ve been doing them for a while and this pain is new then you should consider seeing your doctor to rule out injury.


You need to ask your skating instructor. It is not normal. Maybe it is your posture or your underlying knee problem. If your instructor cannot help, then please go to the doctor. Did you exercise too much? You need to question if you are suitable for figure skating if your body hurts. You may need to change to another sports. The doctor has the final say. God bless you.


I have never figure skated, but I'm guessing sit spins are not the best of exercise for your knees...