Where do you buy a snow making machine (not DIY kits)?

Snow in northern Louisiana (in USA) is rare to get, and the occasional forecast for snow is a hit-and-miss. Where do you buy a snow machine that is already assembled at a factory? Can you rent a snow machine in Louisiana? I don't want DIY kits on eBay. I don't want to use fake chemical snow solution and a matching machine.

Ray J

Snow-tech sells little ones for around $500. All you need is an air compressor and garden hose. http://snow-tec.com/Snow-Guns/Snow-Gun-Packages?product_id=62

SSP Bowl Dude

Snow machines are very large and require 240V power, water and compressed air to run. They don't work unless the air temperature is below 27°F. I would imagine they would cost over $10k.