Why does Nancy Pelosi hate Americans?



She doesn't. She's doing everything she can to help them against the crisis occupying the White House.


Why can't you tell the truth? Seriously, isn't it time to grow up and work to make this site more truthful and objective? Right now you are just part of the problem.


Because she is not a native of this country therefore she should never be elected !!

Bobby Jim

Nancy LOVES Americans; loves to abuse them, misuse them, and put us all at risk of murder and mayhem in order to ultimately eliminate the middle class. Then, those dependent upon the government's support can be more easily manipulated. Then US society will be made up of the "haves" like Nancy, and the "have not's."


Nancy Pelosi loves Americans and loves America. I wish Trump did. He only loves himself.


I think she will make a good president after we boot trump and pence .

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

drink your vegetables son


She doesn't. She looks at America different than CONservatives do. Granted I never was a Pelosi fan but it's absurd to say she doesnt like America.


Well, princess Pelosi is from the state with the most illegal Democrats - where their crimes save them from punishment due to the sanctuary 'status' of illegal Democrats. Nancy hates American rights and instead would like to replace America voters with those whose home countries have been destroyed by collectivists.


She doesn't. But you seem to.


She doesn t.


She's a Democrat. To Democrats. America is the worst country in the world. Of course they won't ever leave America and go and live in any of these far superior countries.


Go drink some orange aid loser


Why did Hitler hate anyone that did not support the Nazis? Why did Stalin hate anyone who opposed him? Why did Mao murder his opposition. Heck! Why does Kim use his opposition for mortar practice. Because that's what self righteous socialists do. And they claim to be the tyrant 'who cares'.


She’s a typical communist liberal