What is World Wrestling Entertainment doing with Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss?

Bliss and Strowman are two of the most over professional wrestlers on the show, yet it seems like they ticked someone off backstage with how their currently booked over guys like Ronda Rousey and Seth Rollins.


They were both hurt.


Alexa just came back from concussion at Rumble. Braun's fresh off of injury too. I think Alexa has gotten plenty of shine while she's been able-bodied. There were times where she was the most compelling thing about Raw as women's champion. Braun's another story. I have no idea what their issue with Braun is. I think they think they need to make him sympathetic, but that's ridiculous. He's a force of nature. Having him get laid out by Baron Corbin before a bout with Brock Lesnar is silly.


What happened is the over hyped Rousey. She came in and the other women were treated like $hit so she could come to the top real quick. Bless her liddle heart her got her asss whipped real good in a non make believe bout in the UFC or was it MMA?


Braun has a bad elbow. They may think he’s unreliable. Bliss held the title for 223 days. Ronda Rousey is a bigger name. She is involved in a big feud with Becky Lynch. Fans are actually interested in this feud more than they were any Alexa Bliss feuds. It’s obvious why WWE is pushing her instead of Bliss. You’re really starting to sound like the pencil neck geeks that get mad when WWE doesn’t push their favorite internet darlings. I know you’ll probably say “Not me, I’m different,” but you’re really not. You’re the biggest pencil neck geek on here.

Rod O

Braun on ice, Alexa must be injured