Why should Seth Rollins be 'The Man' for World Wrestling Entertainment?

For all the flack Roman Reigns received, professional wrestling fans just let Seth Rollins slide on everything. So make me a case, why should Seth Rollins be 'The Man' for World Wrestling Entertainment when his idea of being a heel is doing phoenix splashes off the top rope because he can and seems to do spots just because he can with little logic behind them, who has proven to be unable to work a microphone and has led to less PPV buys then the previous year treating the title as a toy. I know The People don't seem to grasp that Brock Lesnar is just about the last legitimate 'old school' heel in the business, even then I can't grasp how anyone could truly believe out of the likes of Braun Strowman that Seth Rollins should be 'The Man'. Inb4 the same anonymous user answers the question proclaiming me as the worst user in the wrestling section and a hypocrite to which I say least I have the testicular fortitude to showcase what I have to say without hiding behind anonymous as I have for pretty much longer then anyone in this section whose not Mr. Robot "Jim Crockett Promotion Fan".

SMH Corp

He's not "The Man". There's only one "The Man", and her name is Becky Lynch.

The Lord is my Shetland

He shouldn’t. Pass the torch onto Curtis Axel. The man has charisma oozing out of every orifice, and is long overdue for his big push.