Based on the answers from various contributors in the Royalty category, who have the Queen and her husband had affairs with?

Some contributions here have claimed that extramarital affairs like that of Prince Charles & Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles are rather normal among the upper classes, So, who have the Queen and her husband had affairs with, like Charles had the affair with Mrs. Parker Bowles? And who have the other living British royals have affairs with, since some claim it’s a rather common occurrence in these upper crust circles?

Bruce the bandit

The Queen had two children which were not by Philip, one by Lord Porchester and one by Barron Plunkett. Philip went with any woman that would have him including the Queen's cousin Princess Alexandra.It was because of the affair with Princess Alexandra that the Queen took revenge by having her own affairs.


The Queen None she was always Loyal Phillip had many Girlfriends so who Knows

Clo G.-B.

There is no evidence of affairs carried out by the Queen or Philip. There is HISTORY of affairs well-documented for Edward VIII, Edward VII, and other royals of the past, though. Anne and her first husband, Mark Phillips are current royals with a past history; Phillips had a child with a mistress and Anne's love letters from her current husband, Timothy Laurence were stolen---information that has been reported on in the past. All social classes can be involved in affairs. The upper classes once married for power and position, so love affairs were nothing out of the ordinary. Biographies of royals and rich document affairs.


Odd that people tend to forget Princess Anne's scandals. Both she and her first husband had affairs, with her husband fathering a child out of wedlock. Anne ended up divorcing her first husband and marrying her lover, Timothy Laurence.

Sir Prince Kenny

Prince Philip had a liking for beautiful young Hollywood starlets and is said to have "entertained" many of them on his solo trips to America.


No evidence that either have had affairs with anyone. Lots of nasty-minded speculation, but that is not unusual for people who are jealous of the upper classes. It sells papers to the trash tabloid readers.


Major Hewitt.


No one it's all made up by stupid trolls.