Which countries have their embassies in Jerusalem?


Yoel Cohen

At present only United States and Guatemala, the rest of the world is anti-semitic. Jerusalem is Israel's eternal capital not a neutral zone. This is unheard of in Rome or Saudi Arabia. Orthodox Jew

Rona Lachat

2 embassies are located in Jerusalem. Guatemala and USA.

Abdul Goldberg

Is not smart. The Jerusalem is with very - very small road!! Big Embasidiens is forbided to walk two horizontal inside the street roand. If fat, so is not good! Not fit in smalls roadns!! Hallo?

Travels Mantra

Belgium, in East Jerusalem. France, Consulate General of France in West Jerusalem. Greece, in West Jerusalem (listed under "Israel" on Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)


United States / Guatemala only ............


America and Guatemala, i think


Stupid USA the big spoiled child of Israel


Along with the two others mentioned, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has confirmed he will move his country's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and hopefully others will follow.

American Noodle

Which country have land in Israel = Russia !