Why do Jewish Zionists envy the Greek history,the Greek brain and Greek culture?Is it because Jews never achieved as much as Greeks did?


John E

I believe it's because they haven't been able to grasp the concept of "Democracy" (Δημοκρατία) yet. The situation in Palestine is terrible my friend! It seems that there is not such a word in their interesting vocabulary and it is up to us, the European people to bow our backs and try to give them all the help they need. I believe the majestic Hague tribunal would be a brilliant start for them. They might learn so much! It would be a crash course in democracy, don't you think? Thank you for sharing Greetings


Israelis,Jews and Zionists are proud of their own history, we do not envy the Greeks but we do admire their culture.


Jews never offered anything not only to Greece but nothing to humanity either Without Jews we would be better but definitely not worse Jews are a dead brain race Greeks had technology more impressive than today's standard thousand years before Byzantium destroys it


Because Jews are the most useless nation in most useless dry land of Middle East!!!!! Most noticeable scientists arent even Jewish, exception is Einstein (who had a Greek teacher)!!!!! Greatest philosophers aren't Jewish, greatest poetry writers aren't Jewish, greatest literature writes aren't Jewish, greatest actors actresses arent Jewish, greatest musicians aren't Jewish, sorry Jews aren't that all!!!

BMCR: As they say

As they say: Citation needed Also, not sure why you are saying "Jewish Zionists" and then switch to Jews.


Uh...they don't. They may admire the Greeks, particularly those of antiquity; however, they don't spend a lot of time focusing on that group. For most Jews and/or Zionists, there is a lot going on in their lives that doesn't involve the Greeks so they don't typically think much about them. As far as Jewish Zionists go, there is a lot to be proud of in terms of history, brains and culture. Most are independently proud of these things without feeling a need to compare themselves to others, particularly with intentions to disparage others. You should probably take a page out of that book.


The Jews represent about .2% of the world's total population and have won about 22% of all the Nobel Prizes awarded. How do you not consider that achievement?


not true


"Wretched men! How long will you live on the virtues of your ancestors?" - Julius Caesar to a bunch of Athenians. Greeks haven't done much lately.

Simple Simon

Really strange. Abdul E and other Ay-rabs admire the Greek concept of "Democracy" (Δημοκρατία) yet. The situation in entire Ay-rabs world terrible my friend! Rally Strange!!!


Jews from Israel are some of the most uneducated, ignorant and stupid people of this world What Israel has achieved besides the killings of innocent Palestinian children?


When the Jewish Greeks left Thessalonika, they took the brains and energy of the country with them.


I have never met a jew with "Greek envy." Perhaps you are mistaking 2019 for two thousand years ago when Greece actually amounted to anything.


I don't know anyone who envies dead people and cultures.


Zion is a place which envy's and would not be happy for another. Zion is a biblical analogy for ensconced security via which ever power it may seem to protect.