Why is Colin Kaepernick a hero as Roger Waters says?



How are cop killers heroes? Liberal upside down world they live in. it vile.


Roger Waters is a douche. He should stick to playing his 45 year old songs over and over and stay out of American politics.


Libs believe that good is evil and evil is good. Kaeprnick being a POS makes him a hero.


He's NOT a hero. Insiders who knew what was going on in the locker room said he was angry about being benched and didn't want to be there. He did the whole not standing thing as part of a temper tantrum, and then made up the protest angle later when talking to reporters.


Liberals hate Western Civilization and love anyone who denigrates any aspect of it.

America First

He isn't.


He’s not a hero! Everybody in the San Francisco Bay Area laughs at Kaepernick. Waters also said W. Bush was poorly educated; obviously he didn’t know Bush was educated in the northeast as he went to the number one prep school (Amherst) in the nation and received his degrees from Yale and Harvard universities. All of the

Big One 0909

You mean Pink Floyd's Roger Waters? British Artists are often far left loons.


he's just an over paid spoiled kid ..............................................

Simple Simon

Who is Roger Waters???


Kaepernick should be thankful that he's in the States and makes all that money..in other countries he wouldn't be that rich playing football, damn the sport doesn't even exist outside USA


Who is Colin Kaepernick and who is Roger Waters? And why should we care?

Never Polled

He is not. I decide who is a hero. No one else. He is not a hero.

Local Machine

Because of his XXXL jewfro!


Shown love to others..maybe he declines but his humanitarian is likely appreciated


Perhaps in regards for committing to a message and standing up for what he believes to be right, you could call Kaepernick a hero. Personally, I wouldn't classify him that way, especially since I think I set standards for that term a bit high. At the very least, I would always be skeptical of who Roger Waters calls a "hero", given how hostile and hateful his actions can be described. More so towards Israel than anyone else, but he really doesn't strike me as a pleasant fellow.


I think both Roger Waters and Colin Kaepernick are both subversives, both are friends to anti-democratic forces. Roger Waters is a friend to the B.D.S. movement and the Anti-Israel movement.Israel is one of the few true democracies in the entire world. Colin Kaepernick is a friend to anti-American and racist Black supremacist movements.In my eyes both Roger Waters and Colin Kaepernick are both loosers


For standing up for his beliefs even at the expense of his career.