Ai am thinking of booking a holiday in the usa that start in chicago and ends in san fran cisco how do I book my air fares /?



Pick an airfare booking site and take it from there.


You book a one way to Chicago. If you plan on flying between Chicago and san Francisco, buy a one way. Finanlly, buy a one way from San Fran back home. You could technically book a multi city ticket on the same airline but you might pay more than booking separate.

Rona Lachat

You can book it online just like any other tickets. A one way ticket from Chicago to San Francisco. If you have never travelled you might consider getting some help from a HUMAN travel agent to assist you in the procedures. Curious how did you plan to get to the Chicago Airport and what do you plan to do after you get to the Airport in San Francisco. Eventually you return to home at the end of vacation. Suggest you might want to plan a first nights sleeping place and a place near Airport for last night before your return to home.