I have a flight to New your to see the twin towers memorial. I'm scared of terrorists taking control of the flight. Any advice?


Rona Lachat

Suggest professional help. There has been approximately 600,000,000 over the US flights since that horrible day about two flights for every person in the USA.. Be scared of getting into an accident on the way to Airport or tripping on your stairs getting out to your car. One in Fifteen is afraid of flying for many reasons. Not unusual and help is available if you ask your doctor.


It ain’t gon happen I promise you


Security has massively increased since 9/11. It's highly unlikely.


Take a Bus.

John F

There are three main airports that serve the NYC area. Each of them handles close to 1,000 flights a day, every day of the year. I have flown into or out of the NYC airports more than 50 times since 9/11, and I have never had any reason to worry about terrorism.