Can I go to the airport if I'm not getting on a plane?

They have a pinball machine.


You can only go so far into the airport... and you need a boarding pass to get through security


You can go to the airport and play your pinball game machine.


Anyone can go to the airport. You just can't get beyond the 'open', public area without a plane ticket. People often visit airports to eat at their restaurants or drink at their bars.


Yes, anyone can go to the airport. Though you won't get passed TSA. And if said pinball machine is on that side, you won't be able to play with it. I am sure there are other places that have a pinball machine that you can play.


Anyone can go into an airport as this is how people show up to pickup arrivals. You are only allowed to go so far though and you are not allowed to enter airside without a boarding pass. Airside is usually where most of the amenities are (likely the pinball machine) but some airports have amenities on landside as well.


Yes you can go to and into the airport just for the hell of it. What you can't do is go through security to the "airside" without a valid ticket and boarding pass.