Cheap flights?

My boyfriend is moving to Florida soon and I want to make it work. I wanted to know what are the best ways to find cheap flights? Thank you!


Book as far in advance as possible, be flexible with your travel dates, and don't travel at peak seasons. You can also look at some of the discount carriers because FL is a big market for them - just watch for their extra fees. Otherwise, there are no tricks.

Rona Lachat

I wanted to know what are the best ways to find cheap flights? PLAN ahead and use the low fare Airlines if possible. If you really wanted a specific answer you would say where you are travelling from Plane fares tend to be highest Friday Afternoons and Sunday evening. When guaranteed cheapest price you can ever get website starts up all the others will soon shut down. Suggest you explore the frequent flyer programs and the possibility of the occasional meeting each other at some other place. be that someplace in Florida, your state or some place in between. Long distance relationships are much more than just cuddle time.and one person doing all the to and fro.


Cheap flights? Something we all want to know how to do. But now just what do you call cheap? What I call cheap may not be the same cheap as you call it.


I have always got the best results/cheapest flights from my travel agent


Start searching. Take your time, don't rush. Get familiar with the different sites, notice how prices can change in minutes, find your way around gradually..


Try SkyScanner


Yes, just book well in advance, and shop around.


If you monitor the flight fares for some time, you will notice that they change within seconds. That’s mainly because people in every corner of the world are purchasing tickets for flights that you are keeping an eye on. There is a research made by CheapAir which shows that the best time to buy your tickets is 54 days before departure. Moreover, there are instances where the airlines go ahead and publish amazingly low fares by mistake. Hence, you need to keep an eye on them.


The answer is no. There are tons of websites out there at advertise cheap flights, none of them actually ever honor their own prices and charge you the difference. The only way to buy plane tickets and know what you are getting is to buy from the airline.