Do you believe that obese customers on a airline should pay more for seats ?

If they take up near twice the room unless its a deep medical conditions in use


As an airline employee, and someone that spends an inordinate amount of time riding in airliners, I'd like to see a moratorium on obese passengers. It should be considered a medical condition that would prevent air travel in commercial aircraft. If they want to charter specially equipped aircraft that would be acceptable.


I think they should make seats bigger and more leg room. I think anything that takes up 2 seats should have to pay for two seats. I am 5-2 and have trouble with leg room these days. It is just greed, pure and simple.


No. As long as they are in their own seat space that's all that matters. I do strongly believe though that there need to regulations on how close seats can be and/or taller people whose legs don't fit in the seats should automatically be upgraded to where they will fit. It's clear discrimination against tall people who cannot do anything about their physical size and are being punished financially because of it.


What about the guy that isn't obese but happens to be 6 foot 7 and 300 pounds?


I find it amusing that the airline charges you extra if you are more than a few lbs over your baggage allowance but they're quite happy to charge the same for a 250lb blubberguts as a 100lb skinny. My guess is that they really, really want to but fear of backlash from the "body positive" PC brigade, you know, the same ones that think 300,000 deaths a year in the US from obesity related health issues are OK




Absolutely. An airline sells seats with the intention of one passenger per seat. If a passenger occupies two seats, then a paid passenger is without a seat. Many airlines require people of size to buy two tickets and if the flight is not sold out, a portion or all of the second ticket will be refunded.



Dump the liberals into Jupiter

The charge should be per seat. It isn't the airlines fault that a passenger is so fat that they can't fit their *** in a single seat. Therefore, it isn't the airline's obligation to suffer a financial loss when fat people want to fly. Yeh, charge them double.

FanMan: Just make the boarding door smaller.

Just make the boarding door smaller. :)


Not necessarily. I was on a flight from Melbourne to LA, and stuck sitting next to a guy who wasn't obese, but had such wide shoulders that they were pretty much in my seat. If we're going to make people pay extra, it should be based upon more than just weight. It should be based upon whether they fit, no matter the reason. Or, you know, the airlines could make the seats bigger.


no too hard to determine who is worthy of the free seat and who is not




There are many hazards to air travel. The indoor air being primary. You can count on getting sick at some point after flying. The fat slobs, by comparison, at least you can take a bath after being larded by one.