Do you ever feel like booking random flights?

Sometimes I feel like booking random flights and going to no specific destination, just wanting to travel wherever. Anyone else ever feel like doing this?




Sometimes yes. Especially if I can build up my airline miles.


Sure. You can do the same with trains and buses too.

Rona Lachat

Has been a method of travel for a long time. Draw names from a hat, toss a dart at a map pick a fare and fly to the first place you find in your budget, toss a coin, Spin a globe and touch your finger For most people any place selected is new to them. You do what you do when you get there. If you like it you might come back many times or just go some other new to you place. I could never understand how some are content to the same place, the same hotel, the same restaurant . Year after year after year. A visit for a few days is a visit some make it seem like they have to move in. There must be something at the destination place or there would not be any get there.


That's sorta how I went to alaska for the first time. I have a wandering spirit so I travel every chance I get. Not necessarily far every time but I like to try new things and visit places I haven't been before