First time flying anxiety?

In February, I've planned to go to Florida for a 3-day weekend from Kentucky. My friend & I are going to see some of our favorite dancers, but here is the only problem I'm facing: how to get there. I can either drive 12 hours in a car, or fly 2. The issue is, I have never flown before, nor have I ever saw myself doing that. My parents aren't supportive because they hate the thought of flying too, so I keep trying to order my ticket, but I chicken out every time. I wouldn't say I'm afraid of heights that much, but I'm terrified of travel in general. Even cars freak me out, but I feel like not being in control on a plane may be even worse, if that makes sense? My question is, has anyone been faced with this choice before? Taking a road trip that far alone or flying? Would it be silly to drive it? Tips & pointers on flying are so much appreciated. I have a month from today to decide what to do. Thank you! Apparently you cannot erase questions on this forum. Since people are getting fairly aggravated with this question it seems, I do apologize for asking. Thank you for your time, but please do not respond, as I will not be visiting this any longer. Good day. :)


We are not actually aggravated, but more making a point that if you searched you would see that this question is asked several times a week and your situation is not unique. Yes even about the Flying Vs. Driving. The answer is also generally the same. Fear should not be the motivation in your choice, but if you want to use that component then fly as it is statistically safer than driving. Especially if you are traveling during the Winter Season when a chance of bad weather is greater. Then do you trust your car to make the trip? If you haven't driven for extended periods of time(which it sounds like you haven't). You will need to stop about 1/2 way to rest for a few hours. If you try to push it driving 12 hours straight you increase the chances of an accident due to fatigue. But I will answer one other point that I think you totally missed. You stated you have 1 month from today to decide. If that is the start of your trip, and you wait until the day of the trip then several things could happen. First if you find a flight it is going to be 2-3 times the cost of a flight now, which for reference is more than you would have paid a couple of months ago. That is if you can even find a flight that works for you as if you are in an area with limited service the only flights out may already be fully booked. So if you are going to fly, you need to decide ASAP.


You are probably making yourself more anxious by posting the question. Bluebell is right, flying is safe, safer than driving n fact, and beats a 12 drive any day. Ignore the negative views, hey are just trying to be clever, when clearly they aren't.


Do you seriously imagine you are the first person ever to be afraid of flying? Please just look at the FAQs on here - you'll see that someone asks about it practically every week. Listen: at some point in their lives, EVERYONE has 'never flown before'. Then they take their first flight, and abracadabra, now they HAVE flown. Why should you be any different? Just book a ticket, turn up at the airport, and go. Yes, you might be nervous. No, you won't die.


If you have a decent car that will make the trip, drive. Once you're on that plane, they are not gonna stop an let you off!