Flight to do?

Please last time i ask this question so dont say porn and condoms guys that just stuipd...Anyways sfor this year trip i want to pack less for my one month trip so this is a different question....What are some things to do at airport i will say we usually get there 2 hour before the flight and a 4 hour flight.... I am going to New Jersey from Arizona every year i hope to go back this Summer so what are some things i can do? I m not a blogger so i dont video myself . so what are other things? I do take my lap top to watch Netflix Reading book & Adult color book


Have a sleep Eat some food Do a puzzle book. Answer some questions on yahoo answers.


Doesn't anyone READ any more? Take a book.

Rona Lachat

Gosh you need to do something for a few hours. At the Airport before flight. First you check in and pass security. Then figure out where you need to be to get on the plane. Once that is done your leftover time can be used to get some beverage or food. The Airport facilities are lot more comfortable than the ones on the plane. Suggest a stop to make use of them on the ground. Still time left over. You could go shopping. Explore the Art work and assorted displays of stuff. You could activate your gadget and stare at a game, a movie, your emails or whatever, You might actually have some conversation with a fellow traveller. You could write out some postcards and mail them. You could people watch. Do some knitting. Read a magazine a book or the newspaper. At the Airport you might find a Newspaper from far away place. The news reported on by West Coast papers in not the same as that reported in East coast ones. PAY ATTENTION to what is happening around you. Easy to loose track of time and miss your flight. You make 30 to 60 minutes seem like hours and hours and hours of nothing to do. Sad the concept of actually talking to the person nearby is not allowed anymore. Stick an ear bud in one ear to play your music. Talk on your phone with the other ear and read your book to keep your eyes busy. At the same time time you can snack on your food to keep your hands busy. Rub your shoes back and forth along your pants legs to get a nice polish on them. Should be enough to keep you occupied for this extremely long awful wait for your plane.


Well with two hours, you can say 45min to an hour, just checking in and getting through security. 15 -20 min finding gate and last minute purchases, drinks and snacks etc.. Boarding can take 20 mins, and some airline close the gate at -15. So personally I don't think you'll have a lot of spare time. You could take a book, browse the Internet on your phone, chat with others in your party, etc.. What ever you do to kill time at home.

Diane A

What would you do at home for two hours? Read, letters to people can be fun to do as no one does that, puzzle books, I do iPad puzzle apps, down load so old tv shows, I watch “psych” walk around the shops for exercise