Is it illagal to sneak pass passport control at the airport?


John F

You have no rights at an international border. Do not do anything stupid or illegal. If you're lucky, you may be sent back to your home country. If you are less lucky, you may be arrested and subject to a long time in prison or a hefty fine. If you are extremely unlucky, you could be shot.


You won't be able to. But if you do somehow manage it, yes, it would be extremely illegal and you could even be shot dead right there. PS You mean, 'sneak PAST passport control'.


You wont be able to. You would very soon get spotted.


Quite illegal, and will result in you being detained in a foregin country, which is never good. It would be extraordinarily difficult to sneak past passport control though.


Yes, of course this is illegal! Any crimes that are committed in an airport or on the plane are considered federal offenses. Airports take international travel VERY seriously and you would not get past the passport checkpoint very far without getting pulled aside.


VERY illegal.


Yes it is illegal


Totally illegal


Uh, yeah.


it nnight be so i wouldnt risk it

Big Dad

No of course not. It's fine as long as you don't get caught.


What a great question!