I am flying to Chicago on February 28th from Atlanta. How will the government shutting down affect it?

My flight leaves at 141pm. What time should I arrive at the airport?


The government shutdown is over. If it were to shut down again, then I would allow yourself an extra 30-45 minutes. The general recommendation, when there is no shutdown, is to be in the airport at least 2 hours before a domestic flight. Atlanta is big, so it's wise to follow that recommendation. Atlanta is also a well-oiled machine, and things normally go quite smoothly, but there are always exceptions.


Normal time which is 90 to 120 minutes before departure. However. Check your confirmation the day before, you may have been moved to another flight and definitely check your flight status before leaving for the airport. Even if the shutdown happens again, it's not a complete shutdown. air travel was only reduced by a small percentage


Ar 141 pm? Truly hard to say ... But the standard recommendation is to be IN the airport (not still hunting for a parking space) two hours before a domestic flight, and three hours before an international one.


2 hours before but check your flight status before headong to the airport


If another govt shut down is in progress it might During the last one it took longer to go through security and some flights were delayed.

Max Hoopla

You will need to go by bus or train.


Get there AT LEAST 2 1/2 hrs early, just in case


The shut down is over. The TSA people are back at work. O'hare is a big airport- get there early. Midway is smaller- an hour is sufficient.