Is a 2 hour connection at an airport enough time?

I’m traveling from Seattle to Charleston SC with a connection at Chicago O’Hare. The connection time is 2 hours. Should I make it 3 hours?


As long as your flight isn't late, 2 hours is plenty of time, even with an airport that large. Airline websites will only show options that they believe have long enough connection times.


Plenty of time


Just be clear that it may not actually BE two clear hours. Say your first flight is due to land at 15.30 and the second is due to depart at 17.30. Sure, that looks like two hours.But even if your flight lands on time, it could easily be 20 minutes before you actually get off the plane. Call it 15.50 - getting on for 4 pm. Your second flight may close its gate 20 minutes before departure. That means you MUST be there by 17.10 - ten past 5. Suddenly your two hours are down to a little over one hour.

A Hunch

2 hours is plenty of time for you to be bored.


It would be enough time at some airports, but having flown through Chicago I would give the extra hour. I am in Charleston by the way.


Should be if your incoming flight is on time


Two hours is plenty of time unless your first flight is significantly late


If you already bought the ticket, I'd just leave it the way it is cuz you would have to pay a lot of money to change the ticket. If you haven't bought the ticket yet then I would consider the longer connection time only if there's another flight after. O'hare is a nice airport for connections. Lots of restaurants and shops and people watching. You just don't want to be on the last flight of the day if you can help it


Can be tight in a big airport like Heathrow* if your out going flight is from a different terminal. In a "one man and a hut" airports like you get in parts of Canada and Scandinavia, it's about 1 3/4hrs too long. *Especially Heathrow where they use security as an excuse to be a "jobsworth"


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Make it two hours, as then you're first in line if your flight is delayed.