Should I let my 17 yrs old daughter fly to Texas by herself?



A 17 year old is capable of flying to Texas. If you're worried about any other aspect of the trip, that's between you and her.

Rick B

Would need more details, but in general, sure.


Yes, I would. I'm 18 and I've flown by myself numerous times without any problems. Granted I'm a legal adult but your daughter is just shy of legal age so it's not too much of a difference. As long as you keep in contact often then I don't see a problem with letting her travel alone.


Not without know the circumstances in which she is going. Is she visiting a relative? Other parent (if you're divorced)? A childhood friend who moved away? Church/school trip? I would say yes you should. But if she is going to meet a total stranger, than no. She cant rent a hotel can't rent a car.


Yes, of course. Many kids fly back and forth between parents. Once they're 15, the airlines no longer requires that they travel as Unaccompanied Minors and be escorted to their flights. They're perfectly capable of getting to the airport and on a plane by themselves. Many high school students also travel on foreign study trips without an adult.


If you trust her and feel she will take the responsibility seriously then yes you should.


Yes, she is old enough and ready for those types of responsibilities.


It depends on what she's going for and who she's staying with.


Yes, she's going to have to leave the nest sometime and start getting use to the real world someday



jess ♉

if its not to alabama then GO AHEAD

Rona Lachat

As a parent OBVIOUSLY you have arranged for an ADULT to take responsibility and greet your child at Arrival and then be there to escort them back to Airport for the return trip. That your child just wants to go and explore on their own. No Just curious where did you expect them to sleep. Hotels do not rent to children. Of course their pretend friend online you have never seen promises......... Being on a plane for a few hours is a minor issue in this travel Adventure. Texas is full of many interesting things to see and do for a 17 year old. It has millions of very nice people she might see and interact with. It has also a few really creepy people no real parent would want their child to rendezvous with.


First if you trust her and if you think she is capable. If she is going to Texas for less than a week, then yes. If it is more than a week with a few friends you may have to consider it, but generally, it should be fine. You should also ask for your daughter's opinion first.