What is an international and domestic airport?



More clearly - International airports have facilities for customs and immigration. Domestic do not.


An international airport has flights to and from other countries. A domestic airport only serves other airports within the same country.


It only takes one international flight for an airport to call itself international. One international flight means they have to have facilities for immigration and customs.


A domestic airport is one in which all takeoffs and landings originate or terminate in the same country. An international airport has domestic flights plus flights between different nations which require immigration and customs

Travels Mantra

A domestic airport is an airport that handles only domestic flights—flights within the same country. Domestic airports do not have customs and immigration facilities and so cannot handle flights to or from a foreign airport. ... Many of these airports are located through the United States.

John P

An airport which combines having flights to and from other countries with having flights to and from other parts of the same country as that in which the airport is.

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An international airport has flights that go all over the world. A domestic airport has flights that only go to other nearby airports. Or no transport flights at all.