Air miles question? If I fly often between sea and ca, how many tickets at average of 250 do I have to buy to get a free flight.of the same?



Nearly all airlines now use the price of your ticket to determine how many frequent flier miles you will receive.


It depends on the airline. Alaska would be the best option. They have one way rewards for as little as 7500 miles and you still earn miles for miles flown. You'll also earn elite status once you fly 20k on Alaska. All other airlines you earn miles based on how much you spent and the fare type. Although honestly, I wouldn't use my reward miles on a small trip like that. Save it for a trip to Alaska or Hawaii. I would definitely recommend alaska mileage plan


What airline? Where in CA? Los Angeles is a lot farther than San Francisco. On Delta's frequent flyer program, you accrue the miles you actually fly. But how many miles it takes to buy a ticket depends on the season, the time of day, and other factors. You can go on their website and put in some possible destinations to see how many FF miles you would have to have. I think Southwest does it by number of flights rather than miles.


are you using credit card points or what?

A Hunch

Alaska Airlines will give you 1 free ticket when you get approved for their credit card. There are about 950 air miles between LAX & SEA. It would take about 25 one-way tickets between the two to receive a free ticket (or 13 round trips).


It varies by airline. I don't know what frequent flyer program you are on, but you will have to contact each airline and get this clarified.