Why airplane seats aren't designed to be more comfortable for long flights?

Who dafuq thinks it's easy to sit in upright position for 10+ hours? And why is there no gap between seats in the same row? Or enough legroom? Airlines are more focused on entertainment, but I prefer comfort over food and entertainment.


The more people they can get onto the plane, the more money they can make. That's pretty much all they are concerned with.


Those seats are designed to make money. You get what you pay for: https://liveandletsfly.boardingarea.com/2018/03/15/qatar-airways-qsuite-business-class-vs-first-class/

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Bottom line is, more comfort and more legroom means less passengers, and less profit. It isn't comfortable on a long flight, but if all the airlines are doing the same thing, what can you do about it? They have made a business decision that they will provide a certain level of comfort on long flights, and no more than that. If they became desperate for passengers, then that might be a reason to offer a better service.


Airlines try to pack as many seats as possible on the plane because more seats means more money. If you want a more comfortable seat, you will have to pay for it. Airlines do have economy plus and business class seating. Also airlines care more about the business class and first class passengers because they pay much more per ticket than you do in economy class. Most of us when we fly want to score a cheap ticket. Also many of these type passengers are not particularly loyal to one airline. Therefore the airline doesn't really care about you either.


Because everyone keeps crying for Walmart style prices on airlines then they cry when they get Walmart style service. If you are not happy with it, then buy a premium economy seat problem solved. Value and price are not the same thing, value is a measure of what you get out of the money you spend not always what costs the least.

Anonymous: One word

One word: Money. Airlines make money the most off of comfortable seats, which is why food and drinks are often complimentary in First Class or Economy Plus. This is kind of like how movie theaters make more money off the popcorn and sodas than they do the actual movie. Or how printer companies make more off of the cartridges rather than the printers. All of these businesses are designed to make money off the add-ons rather than the actual product.


If they made every seat comfortable, then people would complain about the prices


You get what you pay for.

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They don't care about passenger comfort. They want to pack as many seats as possible in every aircraft in order to maximize profits. Decades ago, airlines did everything possible to make passengers comfortable, fed them good meals in flight, and treated them with respect. In today's world, people are treated like cattle and herded into their uncomfortable seats that they paid far too much money for, while paying more and more ridiculous fees that in the past were unheard of.


" Airlines are more focused on entertainment" No. Airlines are focused on packing as many people onto the plane as possible to make the most money. If you want more room and a more comfortable seat go premium or business class. If you can afford it. Which I doubt.


That would mean fewer seats, which means fewer passengers which means less revenue. But if you don't mind spending the money the airlines over alternatives


How much your fare is depends largely on how much space you use. If seats are smaller, they can fit more people in and charge each one less. Bear in mind that it basically costs the same to operate the flight however full it is, most of the cost is fuel, and the plane's own weight accounts for most of the fuel consumption. If you want more room, you can go first or business class and pay for the extra space.

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Airlines do have have very nice seats for long flights. If you want extra space ot a larger seat or a bed it is available. You do have to pay more for the better seats. Want the bargain low price then you get the low priced bargain seat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsyonS1qd3E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5o5K_U3vbI


Pure dollars and cents. Airlines make most of their money out of business class.


Cause you are paying for the gas, not comfort. You want to be comfortable then cough up the big bucks for first class


The size and spacing of the economy cabin seats are carefully calculated to make people uncomfortable enough to want to buy business class seats.


$$$ The more people they can cram onto a flight, the more the airline can make. And for reference, things will only get worse. They're talking about seats more in line with saddles that'll keep you near-upright, along with seating so there are people facing towards you, like a zipper.


Too true and, if you are not sitting on the aisle, when the rows are packed close together, even if the person next to you stands up, it's still difficult to get into the aisle to go to the WC/bathroom/loo.