Will I have time to make my flight?

In May I will be traveling outside of the country and have one connection in Atlanta. I’ll arrive to Atlanta at 9:05am(presumably) and my flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republican leaves at 9:49am. Will I have time to make it to my flight is only 30mins? Since the cut off time is 10mins before boarding, does anyone have any experience traveling through the Atlanta airport?


I would be very concerned. The Int'l terminal is separate from all their domestic terminals and if your connecting flight arrives late.....I don't know However, as previously posted, was this itinerary booked on one ticket via Delta? I would call them and voice my concerns. Chances are, they will say its a valid connection but still......


That is really pushing it, but Delta has a habit of scheduling connections as short as 30 minutes. Whether or not you make your connection will depend on how close the two gates are and if you land on time or not. Be prepared to get rescheduled to the next flight.


That is a big Maybe. All depends on which gate you arrive at and where the departing gate is. If your at one ends of a terminal and your departing flight's gate is also at the end of a different terminal, I say no way. If in the same terminal, yes. If your gate and departing gate are near the center of the terminals near where the trams are yes. But you will not know any of this until after you are already in the air. So you must assume the two gates are the furthest from each other other, and that means not going to happen.

A Hunch

Did you purchase a single ticket? The airline would not have allowed you to book the flight, if there haven't determined that it's likely for your to make this flight. If you purchased separate tickets - there is almost no way you will make the flight.


You might, you might not. It's VERY tight. Why did you book such a short interval? Remember that even if your flight arrives on time, it could easily be at least ten minutes before you even get off the plane.


No way to know for sure. Atlanta is a really big airport, but it's also laid out very well. Hopefully your arrival and departure gates are relatively close. I have had a very tight connection there (due to a delayed first flight) and made it, but I definitely had to hustle. You have to consider that while your first plane might land at 9:05, you probably won't be off it until at least 9:20. Definitely try to sit near the front. If you booked these flights as a single itinerary, then the airline will work with you if you miss the second flight. But if you booked them separately, you'll get no such protection.


it's a BIG place, depends on what gate you are leaving from, how close it is to where you arrive ..............................


30 minutes is cutting it close. Normally, I want at least an hour between flights. But... don't worry. The airlines will change your flights and connection times at least a dozen times before it's time for you to go.


I fly out of Atlanta all the time, and honestly I can never tell how busy it will be. Sometimes I get through security fast and have tons of time to kill, other times I’ve made it as it’s boarding. If you’re changing from domestic to international terminals though, it will take time. If you’re flying on a weekday maybe you’ll be okay, you might just have to run :/ Maybe look up the airport map and get familiar with exactly where you need to go, it’s a big airport, that way you don’t waste time figuring it out. I hope it works out and safe travels!


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anything is possible


Atlanta has several terminals. You have to walk from your gate to the center, go down an escalator, get on a train and ride to the right terminal, up an escalator, and walk to your gate- which can be quite far from the train. It's a pretty efficient system. If your first flight is on time, you'll be ok. That's 44 minutes, and it has never taken me longer than 20 minutes to get from one gate to another.